Chair Responsibilities:


  1. To research and report to the chapter any pertinent local, state, or federal legislative and regulatory issues as they relate to chapter members.


  1. To assist BOMA members in advocating their positions on legislative issues.


  1. To advocate BOMA’s position on local and state issues only as directed by the executive board.


  1. To maintain contact and coordinate the exchange of legislative information between our chapter and BOMA International.



BOMAPAC is BOMA International’s political action committee. It enables BOMA International’s advocacy team to raise money to re-elect political candidates for federal office who know and understand – and support – real estate’s issues.

Help ensure that BOMA International has the power to back those members of Congress who show leadership and commitment to commercial real estate issues by organizing fund raising activities.



  1. Provide pertinent legislative information to our members via verbal, e-mail and/or written correspondence regarding legislative developments that pertain to members.


  1. If directed by the board, to prepare or facilitate the preparation of letters and e-mails to legislators regarding pertinent legislative developments.


  1. Follow legislative developments impacting the real estate industry as they occur on the local, state and federal level, and report these developments to the executive board and membership at the scheduled monthly meetings.

Government Advocacy Committee