Membership Committee

Membership Committee


Committee Responsibilities:


  1. Review and approve all new applications


  1. Administer the membership list with assistance of BAE


  1. Responsible renewing current members


  1. Perform annual membership drive


  1. Recruiting of new members


  1. Oversee application form and registration of current and new members


  1. Maintain Local Association and International Membership policies
    1. BOMA International Baseline standards
    2. Wait list policy
    3. Dues payment policy



Committee Goals


  1. Increase Membership
  2. Promote value of BOMA membership


Staff Responsibilities:


  1. Maintain current and updated membership list:
    1. BOMA KC Website
    2. Cvent
    3. BOMA International

d.   Send out renewal invoices


Non-payment Procedure:

  1. Payment is due by January 1 and past due February 1.


  1. Staff will send out 3 attempts via mail/email – Dec, Jan 1, and Jan 15.


  1. Member will be dropped after February 1
    1. Form letter will be sent that they will be deleted and they must reapply to join.
    2. May not be represented in the National Directory after March 31.
    3. Allied Members dropped from the membership roll will be moved to the wait-list if the association has a waiting list for Allied membership.