Amazon Top 20

Possible scenarios why Kansas City did not make Amazon’s top 20 list for their new headquarters, and what can be learned from this experience.Amazon benchmarks, which potentially were not met:

Business-friendly environment:

Was the Kansas City’s perceived business-friendly environment compromised and tarnished by the recent events with local businesses, and lawmakers over who is going to build the new terminal at KCI.  Could those events give Amazon the impression that our city is incapable of making important decisions.  In addition, since it is public knowledge regarding the Kansas budget problems, and discord and disorder in the Missouri government, could these have impacted a positive outcome.


Although, Kansas City is centrally located, it seems we did not meet the requirements.  Indianapolis, Columbus, Raleigh, Dallas, Austin, and Toronto did make the cut, and it might be worth investigating what these regions had to offer, which Kansas City did not. 


It is probable Kansas City met the grounds transportation aspect of logistics, although, we most likely fell short on the current airline aspect.  The proper design, and business plan of the new terminal at KCI will be of the upmost importance if we are going to compete with markets like Denver, New York, Los Angeles, Dallas, all of which offer nonstop services across the nation, and the world.  Other areas of logistics where we most likely fell short would include the fixed-rail mass transit, although, this can be quite costly, and would require extensive comparison of benefits if being considered. 

Highly-trained technical workforce:

Kansas City’s technical workforce is strong and growing, although, compared to other cities like Boston where they are investing in higher education, Kansas and Missouri continue to cut budgets for post-secondary schools, and are raising tuition.  These negative actions, are causing our up and coming technical students, and future work force to look at other communities.    


It appears there is a lot of room for improvement for the region to be seriously considered a first-tier global competitor. It will be only through the efforts of BOMA KC and other forward thinking professional advocates that we will be able to attain that first class status.

Submitted by BOMA KC Board Member and Advocacy Committee Chair:

Bonnie J. Piccirilli, RPA                                                                 


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