What is Advocacy and Why is it Important ?

Advocacy is a big part of BOMA KC, and it’s something that sets us apart from other organizations in our area. We’re the only commercial real estate-based organization making its voice heard locally, statewide, and before the United States Congress. Focusing on industry issues ranging from property rights and tax reform, utility deregulation and indoor air quality, to building codes and window washing. Below is short FAQ to give you an overview of our Advocacy efforts.

Why is Advocacy important to us?

Flawed legislation, over-reaching policies, and unwarranted taxes can have a significant negative impact our industry. We work to protect your business and your bottom line.

What do the BOMA Advocacy efforts include?

City, state-wide and national BOMA volunteers and staff continuously monitor legislative activities and lobby on issues potentially impacting commercial real estate.

Legal Input
Kansas City and national staff provide BOMA members with valuable legal opinions affecting daily operations.

A myriad of local, state and national agencies, commissions, and bureaus are continuously monitored to ensure that regulatory actions affecting commercial real estate have input from our industry.

Timely Bulletins
BOMA members are kept-up-to-date with frequent notifications on pending legislative and regulatory issues.

What is a major current legislative priority?

Nationally there has been a huge surge in ADA “drive-by lawsuits” against building owners. ADA Notice & Compliance is a top priority for BOMA International.

Locally, are there examples of any major attacks on our industry?

YES! A major recent victory at the Kansas Supreme Court directly reflects BOMA’s diligent response to the MISSION TRANSPORTATION UTILITY FEE (TUF). We remain vigilant in monitoring and speaking out about issues that will have a negative impact on our industry.

How can I support the Advocacy efforts?


Join the BOMA KC Advocacy Committee! Contact Cristalle at [email protected] to join the committee, we meet bi-monthly.


Invest in BOMA PAC*! Contributions begin at $10. Be on the lookout for fundraisers including the Annual 50/50 Raffle and Golf Tournament: Ball Drop.

*The July/August Advocacy Blog will provide an overview of BOMA PAC.

Submitted by BOMA KC Board Member and Advocacy Committee Chair:

Bonnie J. Piccirilli, RPA                                                                 


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