Allied Membership Guidelines


Guideline/Policy Allied Wait List

January 2011



In order to enhance and clarify the value of the Allied membership in BOMA Kansas City, the Board of Directors approved and adopted the Allied Wait List guideline/policy.  The guideline/policy is adopted as of February 1, 2011.  The policy will be enforced and is subject to change without notice at anytime by the board of directors at their discretion.


BOMA International baseline standards require the chapter to maintain of ratio of 51% principal and 49% allied membership.


When BOMA Kansas City reaches the baseline standard and allied membership is closed a wait list will be instituted.  The BOMA Kansas City chapter BAE will be tasked with maintaining the list.  The list will include the name of the company, contact name, e-mail address, contact telephone number, member category and type of service company performs.


When an allied membership opening is available the membership committee will evaluate the current number of Allied members in a member category and the services currently provided.   From the allied wait list, the committee will determine if there is a company that provides services not currently represented or under represented in the membership and will offer membership to that company.  If all services are currently provided or represented, the committee will offer membership to the category that currently has the least number represented.  If all member categories are equal in number, then the membership committee will offer membership based on committee and principal member recommendations.


For an additional Allied Membership, please contact the BAE