The Outstanding Building of the Year (TOBY) committee reviews and evaluates all building entries in a 2-phase process; building tour and management team interview. The BOMA 360 Performance committee plans and encourages property professionals to participate in the online assessment program, which evaluates properties in six major areas of building operations and management. Properties are evaluated in the following areas:

  • Building operations and management
  • Life safety/security/risk management
  • Training and education
  • Energy
  • Environmenta; sustainability
  • Tenant relations/community involvement


Chairperson Responsibilities:

  1. Plan and conduct and annual awards program to recognize those members for their achievements in commercial real estate, including the Allied of the year, the Jim Ruffini award and recognizing principal members when they earn their BOMI designation.


  1. Plan and conduct the activities leading to the selection and announcement of the Toby Office Building and Earth Awards.


  1. Work with the BAE in announcing deadline and dates for the Toby encouraging building owners and property managers to submit their buildings.


  1. Assist members in the on-line process of entering their buildings for the Toby.


  1. Provide awards for other committee members assisting them with award recognition as needed.




  1. Provide recognition for members and their achievements who have successfully met their designation criteria.


  1. Raise awareness of the Toby.  Promote and encourage building owners to submit their buildings.


  1. Provide instructions and information available on the BOMA KC or BOMA International website to facilitate the application process for the Toby.