Board of Directors Photo Gallery


Left to Right

Lisa Randall, Block & Co.

Colleen Sliffe, Carrow Real Estate Services

Barry Gregson, REIT Management, Past President

Jackie Older Hefner, MC Realty Group, President

Emily Dolence, Copaken Brooks, Board Member

Brandi Battese, Stolz, Security/Treasurer

Shelly Hickey, Highwoods Properties, First Vice President

Tom Corso, MC Realty Group, Second Vice President

Dan Storey, Cassidy Turley, Board Member

Amy Long, American Century, Board Member


Not pictured:

Cynthia Sickman, Cassidy Turley

Helen Lindquist, Kessinger/Hunter

Tom Axtell, Lexington Plumbing

Jin Unruh, Colliers

Ben Williams, Devine Janitorial