Website Committee



Chair Responsibilities:


  1. Responsible for the design and function of the BOMA KC website.


  1. Oversee all aspect of the website and direct the BAE to make additions and changes as needed.


  1. Committee will ensure the website information is current  and accurately reflects the association’s events and business transactions.


  1. The website will serve as a resource for members to access knowledge as related to the mission of the association, including advocacy, education, professional networking and development.


  1. Committee will work with all committee chairs to ensure all committees are represented on the website.


  1. Investigate cost of new websites.


  1. Investigate other websites


  1. Survey members




  1. Keep website informative


  1. User friendly


  1. Current information


  1. Updated links – BOMA Intnl/BOMI


  1. Links to US/State Senators & Representatives


  1. Setup links to BOMA Midwest locals


  1. Keep innovative